Wastewater FacilitieDesign and Construction

DJEA brings 45 years of permittingdesign, construction management and operations experience to the development

and construction of wastewater treatment and conveyance facilities in the publiand privatsectors. Such services

typically rangfrom initial consultation to system design and construction. Designs rangfromphysical/chemical

facilities to biological treatment systems. DJEA and its staff of civil, mechanical and structural engineers have the

capabilitof providing design and constructiomanagement services for thesfacilities.

Water SystemsEngineering

Water systems analysis by Hardy Cross Method (Water CAD software), water main extensions, water treatment,

elevated storage tanks, water operations, water allocation permit compliance.

Municipal Engineering

DJEA has performed a widvariety of municipal projects including stormwater systems, sanitary sewer systems, water

and wastewater treatment and transmission facilities, pump stations and the attendant municipal improvements

associated with suchmajor projects.

Land Development

DJEA has substantial experience in land use engineering (site plans and subdivisions) and expert testimony at Board

hearings. Such work includes commercial and industrial site plans. thorougknowledge of local ordinances, state and

federal regulations is required for the successful completion of such projects.


DJEA provides professional engineering serviceithfollowinenvironmental areas: hazardous waste site

remediation, stream encroachment, wetlands delineation andpermitting, airpermitting.

Mechanical Engineering

Boiler systems, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, andplumbing systems for industrial and commercialclients.

Expert to InsuranceCompanies

Evaluation of complex insurance claims involving damages to wastewater and water treatment plants, solid waste

facilities and industrial/commercial buildings in generalGeneral evaluation of mechanical systems. (HVAC systems,

boilers, incinerators, plumbing systems.)

Construction Management Services

DJEA provides constructiomanagement services and in-house support engineering. Such support engineering consists

of shop drawing review, site inspections, code compliance, record plans and other construction relatedactivities.

Representative Companies